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Who can be with me at the birth ?

Family, friends, other children, pets -- whoever you want!

Can I have a waterbirth at home ?

Yes. We can put you in touch with people who hire birth pools.

Do I have to see an obstetrician or my GP during my pregnancy ?

Only if you want or need a medical opinion. It is not necessary for a pregnant woman in the UK to see a GP at all. She may go straight to a midwife when she is pregnant. If you present with a medical or obstetric problem, referral to see an obstetrician can be arranged.

What happens if I need to go to hospital?

We can arrange the necessary appointments for you if you need to go to hospital during your pregnancy. We will also come with you if you want. If you go into hospital to have your baby, we will come with you. This is explained more fully in the Labour and Birth section.

Is it safe to have my baby at home?

Yes. As far back as 1991 a Government Health Committee finding was that "The policy of encouraging all women to give birth in hospitals cannot be justified on the grounds of safety" (House of Commons - 1991-92). Following on from that, a government report on maternity services stated that hospital birth is not safer than homebirth for women having a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy (Department of Health - 1993). Some women in the UK still appear to experience difficulties with their wish to have a home birth. "Women who have no factors that contra-indicate a home birth and who prefer a planned, attended home birth with facilities for prompt transfer to hospital if necessary, should not be advised against this" (Enkin, Keirse, Neilson, Crowther, Duley, Hodnett and Hofmeyr - 2000). These authors and their work will be known to all well informed medical and midwifery professionals.

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