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Nessa McHugh, BA(Hons), RM, MA, PGDE


Pregnancy and birth are special times in a woman's life. Becoming a parent is one of the most incredible experiences and responsibilities that anyone can undertake. I believe that having sensitive and effective support is the right of every pregnant woman.

I decided to become a midwife after I had finished a psychology degree at Manchester University. I had had the chance to study social anthropology, philosophy of religion and women's issues and this led to my passion for midwifery!

I qualified as a midwife in 1990 and worked on midwifery led schemes such as 'The Home from Home Scheme' and an integrated midwifery scheme. Although I enjoyed the midwifery led schemes and I gained a lot of valuable experience, it was difficult to provide continuity of care and I started to think about independent practice.

While I kept thinking, I had my own children, Siobhan and Michael. They were both born at home, and Michael was born into water. I continued thinking about independent practice for a long time, while I taught midwifery and continued to develop skills that enhanced my midwifery practice.

In October 2003 I moved up to Scotland, got in contact with Allison and decided it was time to go independent at last!

I am able to offer continuity of midwifery support from first contact through to about one month post birth with woman centred care at the heart of service. I am able to support home and water births. I am experienced in teaching baby massage, and also practice Therapeutic Touch and Reiki. I am always happy to work alongside other complimentary therapists. I aim to work with women, in support of their choices.

I can travel within a one hour radius of my base near Kinross.


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